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Your Special Occasion – Should You Hire a Caterer?

There are many special occasions in life -– weddings, graduations, family reunions. Deciding whether or not to try to cook or whether to hire a caterer can be a tough decision. Realistically, there are many reasons that hiring the right caterer can give everyone attending wonderful memories. Consider these reasons to hire a caterer rather than trying to do all the cooking yourself:

Less Planning – When you hire a wedding caterer in Cleveland, Ohio, you simplify your planning process. An excellent caterer is there to make your day more enjoyable and relaxing. Caterers can supply literally everything from the forks to the tables, food and wait staff. You won’t have to worry about preparing the food, doing the shopping or making sure that everyone gets the meal that they wanted. By hiring an experienced caterer, you can quickly clear several important items off of your “to-do” list.

Less Pressure The Day Of The Event – A wedding or critical business luncheon – the type of event doesn’t matter. What does matter is that a caterer can take pressure off of you on that day. If you are a bride, you can spend the day looking and feeling your best rather than worrying about the food. For a business luncheon that could change the course of your organization’s future, the right caterer will give you ample time to network with your guests and give your presentation. Either way, a caterer in Akron, Ohio, can give you the focus you need to enjoy your day.

You’ll Be Sure of the Outcome – Potlucks are so unpredictable. Aunt Sarah may have offered to bring the meat, but when she becomes sick, then what do you do? When you hire a caterer, you can be sure of the outcome. You’ll have the food you want, served the way you want, at the time you want – and, more affordably than you think!

Food Safety – Food safety is a serious issue at every party. You want your guests to have memories of fun, friends and food, not the fact that half the party ended up becoming ill from macaroni salad that was left out too long. Professional caterers are well acquainted with food safety and contamination issues and will make sure that you and your guests have long-lasting good memories of the party. Special Moments Catering is properly licensed, specially trained and nationally certified in the safe handling of food.

Memorable, Theme-Based Meals – For wedding reception catering or BBQ catering in Akron, Ohio, you may want the option of choosing a theme-based meal. Whether French-inspired, a Hawaiian Luau, family-style Italian dinner or elegant cocktails, no one has more options and can do it better than Special Moments Catering.

You may be an excellent cook, but on your special day, consider hiring a caterer who can serve you and your guests the meal that you have always wanted. With less pressure and worry for you, having a professional caterer will give you the confidence that your party will have the perfect outcome. You’ll actually be able to “attend” your own party!

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Thank you for the excellent job and the outstanding food. I know everyone had a good time, due in no small part to your efforts… this was above and beyond!

~ Cleveland Clinic Foundation
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