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Thanksgiving Wedding Reception Meals to Remember

Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time of the year to get married. If you are planning a Thanksgiving wedding then you can expect to have a family-centered time of celebration. Caterers in Akron, Ohio, have some amazing suggestions for making your Thanksgiving reception a time to remember.

Most couples who are choosing wedding reception catering at Thanksgiving are looking for a traditional dinner that reflects not only who they are, but the importance of the season. You can certainly start your meal with a variety of fruits and cheeses that reflect the harvest theme of the season. A roasted acorn squash soup can be a lovely way to warm the stomachs of your guests. Another Thanksgiving appetizer that Cleveland caterers can offer is seafood served with an apple-based sauce.

For the main course, having a roasted turkey and gravy is an option that will cater to the traditional side of Thanksgiving. Caterers Cleveland also suggest having another main course as well, whether beef wellington, a variety of artisanal sausages or even roasted ham. Adding another main course will give your wedding a lush feel that a normal Thanksgiving doesn’t have. If you are looking for a novel way to celebrate your wedding, consider offering a turkey pot pie with mashed potato crust. Caterers Akron have discovered that this is a popular option for celebrations.

Side dishes are a place where you can show your style. Instead of offering the expected, try something new. Mashed potatoes combined with roasted garlic or white cheddar cheese can be a welcome surprise. Caterers Cleveland also suggest offering roasted green beans with almonds or even a grilled romaine salad as an option. A sweet potato souffle can be a great way to lighten up the potato portion of the meal.

For dessert, don’t forgo the wedding cake. Try offering a carrot cake pr spice cake as your wedding cake, covered fondant and filled with cream cheese or maple nut compote. You can even offer a pie bar or decadent desserts such as pumpkin or chocolate hazelnut mousse. Bowls of sweetened whipped cream and ice cream can make your wedding dessert a success.

Having a Thanksgiving wedding can make memories that can last a lifetime. By taking the traditional Thanksgiving menu and adding a twist, you’ll show your style and tie it into tradition. Planning a Thanksgiving or other holiday event? Call Special Moments Catering today for ideas on how to make your event truly memorable.

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