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Surprise Your Team with Thanksgiving!

There is nothing more personal than having a meal with someone. While most of our business interaction with co-workers is over a conference table, using the Thanksgiving holiday as a way to host an appreciation business luncheon is a wonderful way to thank your team for their service. How can you incorporate this into your work week? With our no-fuss plan, you’ll have your team nibbling on turkey before you know it.

Cleveland catering has many suggestions for creating a memorable Thanksgiving event for your employees. Consider sending your team out on their last day of work before the holiday to spend time at a food bank. While they are spending the morning helping others, caterers in Akron can arrive to set up a full Thanksgiving luncheon for the hungry workers. Tables can be set in a conference room or lunch room with Thanksgiving-themed tablecloths and napkins with baskets of gourds in the center. Hot apple cider can be waiting for workers as they come back, expecting to go back to work. Imagine their surprise at being greeted by a celebration! If space isn’t available for the celebration at your facility, consider renting space nearby at a church or party center. Simply instruct your team to stop by to pick up supplies on their way back to the office.

No matter the location, Caterers Akron can provide a full Thanksgiving lunch, complete with turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green vegetable and pies for dessert. During the luncheon, allow your team plenty of time to eat and enjoy each others company. As they relax, you will see a whole new side to each individual. You can show thankfulness and appreciation by either giving each person a small gift to take home, or you can even do drawings and giveaways for gift cards to the movies or restaurants – great ways to spend the Thanksgiving weekend.

If your company will allow it, Cleveland Catering suggests letting your very full and happy team go home after lunch to begin their Thanksgiving weekend early. While they may miss a few hours of work, you will have earned a lot of goodwill for your efforts to break bread outside of a formal business luncheon.

Do you want more information about hosting your own Thanksgiving appreciation business luncheon? Contact Special Moments Catering today for more information on how we can help celebrate your team’s accomplishments.

With Many Thanks!

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job at our wedding reception! Everything looked great and the staff was so professional and courteous. All night long, we heard from our guests how much they loved the food! Thank you for doing an excellent job!

~ Sincerely, Courtney and Geoffrey Mospan
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