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Is it Your First Thanksgiving?

If you are a newly married couple, then you may desperately want to treat your family to a marvelous Thanksgiving meal. Knowing that Thanksiving can be a challenging dinner to host, here are some tips to help you ease the burden and enjoy your first Thanksgiving together.

Thanksgiving can be challenging with so many courses. From mashed potatoes to fried turkey, every family has their traditions. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of food for one dinner, you are not alone.

Have everyone bring something. One solution to trying to manage all of the food necesary for Thanksgiving is to ask for help. A potluck Thanksgiving is a great way to share in the work. When you ask someone to bring food, be specific about what you need, otherwise you may end up with two sets of mashed potatoes and no sweet potatoes.

Choose a theme. Another way to organize your menu is around a theme. Every theme, whether southern, ethnic, or traditional, will help you to make food choices that everyone will enjoy.

Have a caterer prepare some dishes ahead that can be heated. If you are feeling really stressed by hosting your Thanksgiving meal, your Cleveland or Akron caterer can prepare either several dishes or the entire dinner for you. If you don’t want to have the caterer on-site serving the meal, you can ask them to make the dishes for you that can be warmed up at your home.

Have a pro handle the pies. Unless there is someone in your family who is well-versed in baking pies, have a bakery handle the pie preperation. Baking is a detail oriented job with tricky food chemistry. In order to avoid a disappointment, either practice your recipes ahead of time, or just pick up the phone to a local bakery or caterer for help.

Hosting your first Thanksgiving can be a really special time for family and friends. Take some of the stress off by asking people to bring specific items to contribute to the dinner and enlist the help of your local caterer or bakery. Enjoy this time together!

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