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Host a Themed Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s Day is an amazing opportunity to let your mom know how much you appreciate her without saying a word. Planning a themed Mother’s Day celebration is a creative way to design a meal that’s all about her.

As you choose your theme, Cleveland caterers suggest incorporating the memories you have of your mom. Here are some themes to help you get started:


Garden party. If your mom is a real lady or loves to grow roses then she’ll appreciate a meal that is outdoors in the garden. Highlight pretty tablecloths with delicate food choices such as poached salmon, new potatoes, spinach salad, and strawberry cheesecake. Fresh flowers make a lovely centerpiece.

Sports loving mom. For moms that love sports, hosting a Mother’s Day tailagte party or a catered BBQ can be a unique way to acknowledge her love of football, basketball, or baseball. Drag out the grill and cook a variety of handmade chicken sausages, baked beans, jalapeno cornbread and offer brownies and ice cream for dessert.

Family-focused moms. Family is the center of life for many moms. If this describes your mom, then consider hosting a family picnic. Spread out your best red and white picnic blanket on the ground and serve fried chicken, deviled eggs, cut up vegetables with dip and lemonade. Chocolate chip cookies make the perfect ending to the meal.

Ethnic moms. If your mom is proud of her heritage, then honor her by making all of her favorite ethnic foods. From homemade Mexican tamales, Italian ravioli and sauce or Yorkshire pudding for British moms, the thought you put into the meal will mean a lot. Decorate your table tastefully with the national colors of your moms’ heritage and add ethnic touches to the dessert as well.

A sweet mom. Some moms are best known for their sweet tooth. If that describes your mom, then offer her a brunch with a full complement of pastries from her favorite bakery, or you can even take her favorite desserts and make them yourself. Adding a fruit salad, a baked egg souffle’ and fresh squeezed juices can take your brunch to the next level.

Hosting a themed Mother’s Day is a wonderful way to acknowledge the impact that your mom has made on your life. If you need more ideas on what to serve or would like some help, contact Special Moments Catering today! Our friendly staff is happy to pitch in to help make your next event memorable.

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