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Five Trends in Wedding Food

Your dress might be beautiful and your venue picturesque, but what do guests want? Food! Long after your wedding is over; your guests will still be talking about what they ate. Cleveland caterers offer a myriad of different services and styles – virtually anything you can dream of. Help your wedding guests to remember your event for years to come by taking advantage of some of the newest wedding food trends. Take a look at the top five:

Eliminate the sit down. – With more and more people focusing on the social side of wedding receptions, the sit down meal is getting the cold shoulder. Wedding caterers in Cleveland, Ohio, are now providing small stations or beautiful buffets where guests can mingle and then move on to visit with other guests and try new treats. The cost is much less and quicker for these styles of service, giving the reception a smooth feel allowing you to spend more time to party!

Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes. – No longer just sweet, savory cupcakes are all the rage. Whether a special icing or filling in the center of savory cupcakes are easy to eat while mingling. Caterers in Akron can come up with combinations that are more than just white cake with white frosting.

Fresh. – With a new focus on fresh ingredients, Cleveland caterers are now looking to local farmers to provide their artisanal foods for events. Locally grown vegetables and fruits, as well as locally crafted cheeses and salamis offer a taste treat hard to find elsewhere. Talk to your caterer about what is available in your area.

More beverage options. – With the trend away from costly sit down dinners, more brides and grooms are opting for a customized bar with lots of options. Complete with a signature drink, guests can enjoy their beverages while nibbling on food, dancing and visiting. Special Moments Catering can assist in planning your special beverage needs and also.

Favorite foods. – Instead of the tried and true chicken dinner, more couples are opting for their favorite foods at their reception. Whether cookies, a delicious pasta station or a sundae bar, incorporating favorite foods can personalize a reception for guests.

What do these food trends have in common? You. The best food trends right now are focused on the individual personality of the bride and groom. Whether you opt for savory cupcakes, fresh ingredients or your favorite foods, following these trends in wedding food will help you and your guests to have the day of a lifetime!

With Many Thanks!

Thank you to you and your staff for the wonderful job you all did for Kevin and Jeanette’s wedding on October 4th at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church Parish Center in Aurora! Everything went so smoothly and we were very pleased with how things turned out. Thanks again for helping us provide our family with a wedding to remember for a lifetime!

~ Sincerely, Pam Meeks
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