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Fall Business Luncheons Do’s & Don’ts

Whether you have new training to complete, need to congratulate your staff for a job well done, or are trying to secure new business, fall can be a great time to develop a plan for a business luncheon. Before the day arrives, consider these do’s and don’ts from business luncheon caterers in Akron, Ohio.

DO consider who will be eating and choose something that most people will like. While you may love Indian cuisine, the majority of your team may not. Catering in Cleveland can help you figure out exactly what to offer to your guests that will challenge their palates without overwhelming them.

DO add a vegetarian option. There are so many vegetarians these days that it is important to make sure that a meat-free option is available for those who would prefer that. Catering Cleveland can offer a wide range of salads, falafel and even tofu options that will appeal to those who don’t eat meat.

DO use local fall inspired ingredients. The fall offers some of the best produce of the year. Take advantage of those options by offering foods that highlight the harvest. Caterers Akron can help you choose from a variety of corn salads, tomato dishes and roasted vegetables.

DO try to make it fun. Business luncheons are a break from the normal pattern of the work day. Caterers in Cleveland recommend choosing a festive menu that incorporates a lighthearted atmosphere.

DON’T forget to communicate to your staff about the details. Making sure that your staff knows the exact time, location, what to expect and what to wear will help them to feel comfortable about the event. Whether you choose a formal meal or a BBQ, Catering Akron can help you to create a memorable event.

DON’T be ho-hum about the planning. If you are going to take the time to plan a special luncheon, take the time to choose a theme. Popular themes include fall sales kickoff luncheons, awards meetings and even a cookout or ice cream social as a reward for a good quarter. The time and care you put into the event will impress your staff and management.

DON’T forget to plan plenty of seating. Especially important for casual gatherings, Cleveland catering suggests that you allow plenty of room for people to sit, enjoy their food and mingle.

Planning a business luncheon doesn’t have to be a run-of-the-mill occasion. With these do’s and don’ts and some assistance from Special Moments Catering, you can create a one-of-a-kind event that your staff will remember. Contact us today for more information!

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