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Enticing Touches for a Gender Reveal Party


Baby showers move over – gender reveal parties are all the rage!  Adding a hint of mystery to the party, more and more expectant couples are choosing to announce the gender of their baby during their baby shower.  Cleveland caterers have great ideas to make your gender reveal party that much more fun! 

A menu of pregnancy craving foods. Pickles, ice cream and chocolate – just a few of the items that women crave while pregnant.  You can build a great party menu using these foods.

Lighter fare for a girl, meat for a boy. Give your guests a hint at the gender of your baby by choosing lighter fare for a girl, and heavier foods for a boy.  Lemon chicken and rice or steak salads are options to consider. 

Make guests guess.When guests arrive, have each of them choose blue or pink flowers for centerpiece.  As they add them to the vases on the table, the overwhelming feel of the crowd will become apparent.  You can also have guests add colored marbles to a jar at the entrance to indicate their choice.

Have fun snacks. Gender reveal parties are by nature a fun event.  Adding fun items to the menu like rosemary popcorn, barbequed pork and fried pickles can help the guests to have a great time.  This is especially true if you are hosting a couple‚Äôs event where the men may want to retreat outdoors away from the crowd.

Offer pink and blue candy. A great giveaway for your guests is a variety of pink and blue candy as they leave.  Wait until after the reveal to present each guest with their own treat to take home.

Gender reveal parties are an amazingly fun way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a child.  By using some creative details, your guests will have a great time helping you to prepare for a new family member.

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