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Creative Clambakes For Every Season

While many people may think of clambakes as a singularly fall type of party, in New England clambakes happen all summer long. When you are looking for an innovative way to entertain your closest friends and family, consider a clambake.

A clambake can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. The perfect evening starts with ambiance enhancing decorations. Akron caterers suggest using shells, candles, and fishing nets to decorate your party area. Tables can be covered with red checkered table cloths or can simply be covered with plastic and then a layer of newspaper for a more rustic New England style event.

The menu at a clambake is the most important part of the evening. When asked, caterers in Cleveland suggest that you think of a clambake as part BBQ and part seafood party. The menu can be as simple as your favorite variety of clams, along with baked potatoes, cornbread and salad, or can reflect a more sophisticated aesthetic. When professional Akron caterers host clambakes, they may include everything from appetizers of heirloom tomatoes and homemade mozzarella cubes or a rich clam chowder, to preparing whole lobsters or crabs and a variety of pasta salads, coleslaw and grilled corn with spiced butter. For dessert, choose something that is light enough to go with the seafood choices you have made. Selections such as fruit pies and ice cream can be a lovely way to end the dinner.

Cooking the clams can be as easy as starting your grill. While many traditional clambakes in New England involve digging a pit, lining it with stones and charcoal and then covering it with seaweed and canvas, you can also duplicate those same conditions in your yard. You can dig a pit in your yard as well, or you can simply use your grill. Many caterers use a steamer to get the best results with clams and mussels.

When the food is ready, invite your friends and family to sit down and eat. Much of what is important about a clambake is the sense of community that develops from eating outdoors in a rustic environment. In fact, many caterers are now seeing more clambakes used as a great rehearsal dinner or wedding reception idea. Instead of the formal sit down dinner, guests are invited to sit outside and enjoy time spent with the new couple.

Clambakes don’t just have to happen in the fall. Enjoy the special type of camaraderie that happens when people get to enjoy each other and the outdoors. Interested in hosting a clambake? Contact Special Moments Catering today for more information!

With Many Thanks!

We thank you for all you did to make Michael and Heidi’s wedding reception so special. The set up was beautiful! You seated 120 people in our barn with plenty of dance floor, which we put to good use! The food was prepared perfectly! The bartender was great as well! We look forward to our next event with you!

~ Ron and Nancy Marhofer
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