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Clambake Season!

There is nothing that says summer like a clambake.  A long, relaxing evening punctuated by delicious food and fun will leave your guests asking you to host the party again in the future.  What can you do to make your clambake creative?  Here are just a couple of ideas:


Choose your location wisely. Instead of simply doing the clambake in your backyard, considering hosting your party at a marina or beach.  Sand and boats really add to the clambake atmosphere.

Decorate with the theme. Nothing says clambake like red check tablecloths, but change it up a little with the other details of your party.  Starfish and shells scattered intermittently on tables with votives can spice up your table.  Or, pour a pile of sand on the table (clean sand can be purchased at a home store) and add some tools for your friends to play in.

Bring the beer. Beer goes well with seafood.  Offering a beer bar with many different types of brews can provide a discussion point for guests as they sample each type.  You can even ask guests to bring a six-pack of their favorite to share.

Cook on the grill or in the sand. Clambakes don’t have to be boiled.  In fact, most caterers in Cleveland prefer to cook them on the grill or even build a wood fire right in the sand.  The smoke gives the seafood an amazing flavor.

Bring a favorite side dish or dessert. One economical way to add variety and still have a clambake is to ask everyone to bring their favorite side dish or dessert.  Your caterer can still provide the meat, but you can save by providing your own sides.

While clambakes can be traditional meals, they don’t have to be lackluster.  By decorating with a theme, offering a variety of beers and cooking on the grill, your clambake will be a success!

With Many Thanks!

We will never forget what you did. Thank you for giving us wonderful memories to hold onto forever and for creating a moment of happiness and love for my mom. You truly are an angel.

~ Make a Wish Foundation – Family’s Letter
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