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Autumn Wedding Cake Flavors You’ll Fall in Love With

More and more often, caterers in Akron, Ohio, are suggesting to their clients that they do a twist on a classic. If you are serving large cake at your fall wedding reception, there are so many choices that you have beyond the normal white or yellow cake with fondant frosting. Read on for some suggestions as to how you can spice up your fall cake choice.

Carrot cake is a natural. With the earthy sweet texture of grated carrots, raisins and nuts, carrot cake is a wonderful choice for your wedding reception dessert catering. According to Catering Cleveland, the cake is solid enough that it can stand up to your most elaborate decorating plans, whether you would like a multi-tier cake, one covered in fondant fall flowers or shaped cakes.

Spice cake. Caterers Akron say that a dense spice cake really reflects the flavors and spices of the season. Hints of vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg are a warm contrast to the cold weather outside. A spice cake makes wonderful cupcakes and can be filled with cream cheese filling for a decadent dessert.

Pumpkin spice cake. A twist on the traditional spice cake, the pumpkin spice cake uses the sweetness of pumpkin as a contrast to the strong flavors of the spices. Cleveland catering recommends pumpkin spice cake for those couples who are really looking for something different and very seasonally-inspired for their wedding.

White chocolate cake. Certainly, deep, dark chocolate can be a welcome flavor during the colder months, but caterers in Cleveland say that white chocolate cake is a lighter alternative. Filled with a raspberry or sweetened cranberry filling, your guests will enjoy this light dessert after a heavy fall-themed meal.

Each of these cake choices can offer your guests an unique take on a fall dessert. As you speak to your caterer, don’t forget to discuss the wide variety of fillings and alternate desserts that are available. From cream cheese filling, to hazelnut or maple filling, you can feel free to be creative with your choices about what to add to your cake. Remember, a filling isn’t just what holds your cake together, it is an additional layer of flavor. There is also the option of alternate desserts. A mini-pie bar filled with seasonal pies and tartlets can also be a wonderful way to offer your guests a sweet at the end of the meal.

Dessert doesn’t have to be limited to a simple yellow or white cake. With a little planning, your autumn wedding menu can be creative down to the last crumb.

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