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Celebrate the Holidays – Business Style

If you run your own business, then taking the time to show appreciation to your staff can go a long way to building morale and encouraging team members to be enthusiastic about their work. One of the best ways to celebrate the accomplishments of your employees is to create a celebration during the holidays that is just about them.


Lunch time sit down. Instead of scheduling a holiday party on a weekend or a weeknight, who not have a lunch time celebration? This will give your team members an opportunity to take a well-deserved break during the work day and not put more pressure on their already busy family schedule.

Think of the timing. Having your party near Thanksgiving will help you to avoid holiday vacations. You’ll have more people attend your party and enjoy the celebration you have planned. Speaking of which, caterers can even create a Thanksgiving menu for you to serve – roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, sweet potatoes and rolls. It’s a great way to say thank you to your team!

Enjoy the New Year. Instead of jamming yet another obligation in a short period of time, think through having a New Year’s party in mid-January. Not only will employees be grateful for a pick-me-up after the holidays, but it is a great way to get people back to work.

Plan for participation. If you are thinking of hosting a party, the caterer can just do the main course. If your team brings side dishes to share, it will help to build camraderie and communication.

Make it about them. Many of your team members have families of their own that they care for and challenges that they must overcome in order to do the work that they do. Make sure that the focus on the event is on them. Cleveland caterers can help you to create an event that has personal, friendly service that will make every employee feel important.

Your business doesn’t have to be the only place that doesn’t celebrate the holidays. Infuse a holiday spirit into your business with a Thanksgiving, lunchtime or New Year’s celebration. Your staff will be grateful and will recognize your appreciation of their efforts.

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Up the Ante on Your Next Tailgate

Fall is ripe with opportunities for tailgates.  From high school to college to professional football, nothing kicks off a beautiful afternoon better than fun with friends, family and old teammates by sharing a meal before the big game.


Instead of just serving the same-old hamburgers and hot dogs at your next tailgate, how about choosing a more interesting option?  There are so many ways to make your next tailgate the talk of the season.  For instance, caterers in Cleveland suggest choosing an ethnic theme for your dishes.  If you have a favorite player that is from Louisiana, then a gumbo or po’ boy sandwiches might be just the ticket.  You could also choose to make one dish that celebrates the location of the opposing team – when your team plays a team that hails from Texas, then a barbeque might be in order.

A vegetarian buffet is another great way to change things up.  Instead of burgers, try grilled Portobello mushroom sandwiches with aged Swiss cheese on handmade buns.  A salad with all of the fixings, and barley or quinoa on the side makes for a satisfying meal.

While you are planning your menu, don’t forget to add some creative drinks to the mix and you’ll have a great party.  Hand pressed apple cider, artisanal root beer or even your own custom punch can round out the menu and add a new set of flavors for people to enjoy.  Finishing touches, such as cheerful tablecloths, centerpieces celebrating your favorite team and balloons really add ambiance to your party.

Upping the ante on your next tailgate party means that your friends and family will be in the celebratory mood long before the game kicks off.  Ethnic and vegetarian dishes, creative drinks and decorations can take your party to the next level.

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Elegant Summer Wedding Food

Summer weddings can have the same sophistication of weddings held any other time of the year. Though most couples prefer a lighter menu than would be served in the winter, the seasonal foods that are available can give your wedding added dimension and interest.  If thoughts of a summer wedding make you think of elegant, carefully crafted food, consider these options when you design your menu with your wedding reception caterer.


At the start of your event, focus on freshness.  One of the best parts of the summer is having the opportunity to easily access organic, seasonal flavors that aren’t available at other times of the year.  With farmer’s markets and local providers working to get their products out to market, your wedding food can have a depth of flavor.

Think carefully about the way that you start your meal.  Including items during your cocktail hour like goat cheese stuffed olives, pickled peppers and figs that are grown locally will provide a bite sized taste of summer for each of your guests.  Offering handmade egg tartlets with prosciutto is another way to take advantage of what is available in the local markets.  Don’t forget to speak to your Cleveland caterer about an artisanal cheese display.  Listing the location where the cheese was made will give your guests an idea about what amazing foods are located right in their backyard.

When you are considering the main course, simply prepared meats can be delicious and enjoyed by each and every guest.  Offering grilled pork tenderloin or a sliced beef tenderloin combined with roasted vegetables, a selection of steamed new potatoes or a mushroom risotto is the perfect foil for these flavors.  Accenting the meal with a mesclun salad filled with spring strawberries, sugared pecans and goat cheese is a light way to finish off the meal.

Dessert can be the highlight of your meal.  Light, elegant desserts such as chocolate mousse, tiramisu or a cassata cake are all elegant options for your guests.  Small lemon meringue tartlets, Madeline cookies and fruit can make for a lovely presentation made by your Cleveland caterer.

What is the best part about hosting a summer wedding?  The variety of foods that are available.  When you want to host an elegant summer wedding reception, there is no shortage of options that can be offered by your Akron caterer.  From organic, artisanal cheeses to grilled meats and strawberry filled cassata cake, your wedding reception can be touching and delicious.

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Special Moments Offers Centrally-Located Catering for Large Groups


Finding just the right location with just the right Cleveland caterer can be a real challenge – especially if you have a large group. If you are looking for a site that can accommodate up to 325 people, then you’ll be excited to hear about the relationship that Special Moments Catering has with the Parish Center at Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Centrally located in Aurora, at 342 South Chillicothe Road, Special Moments Catering is the exclusive caterer for the location. With a large hall that can accommodate weddings, anniversary parties, retirement parties, community fundraising events and even business events, the Parish Center is conveniently located near Cuyahoga, Portage and Geauga counties.

Why have your event at the Parish Center? Special Moments Catering will allow you to bring your own sound company, lighting, decorators, desserts and most importantly the alcohol, which may save you thousands of dollars in bar fees. In addition, the layout of the facility is conducive to having several meeting or dining areas. Multiple rooms allow you to host breakout sessions or even offer a variety of lectures.


Open seven days a week, the Parish Center is ideal for Sunday parties and offers a unique layout that will intrigue your guests. The main hall is three stories high with one end completely encompassed in glass. Located on a wooded lot, the teardrop shape of the room is visually interesting and will keep your guests riveted on the outdoor environment. The surrounding grounds feature newly installed gardens, stone walls and walkways, making the perfect backdrop for pictures.

the Parish Center is just one of the many locations where Special Moments Catering can provide service. For more information on the Parish Center or for other options as to where to host your next event, contact us today.

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Thanksgiving Wedding Reception Meals to Remember

Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time of the year to get married. If you are planning a Thanksgiving wedding then you can expect to have a family-centered time of celebration. Caterers in Akron, Ohio, have some amazing suggestions for making your Thanksgiving reception a time to remember.

Most couples who are choosing wedding reception catering at Thanksgiving are looking for a traditional dinner that reflects not only who they are, but the importance of the season. You can certainly start your meal with a variety of fruits and cheeses that reflect the harvest theme of the season. A roasted acorn squash soup can be a lovely way to warm the stomachs of your guests. Another Thanksgiving appetizer that Cleveland caterers can offer is seafood served with an apple-based sauce.

For the main course, having a roasted turkey and gravy is an option that will cater to the traditional side of Thanksgiving. Caterers Cleveland also suggest having another main course as well, whether beef wellington, a variety of artisanal sausages or even roasted ham. Adding another main course will give your wedding a lush feel that a normal Thanksgiving doesn’t have. If you are looking for a novel way to celebrate your wedding, consider offering a turkey pot pie with mashed potato crust. Caterers Akron have discovered that this is a popular option for celebrations.

Side dishes are a place where you can show your style. Instead of offering the expected, try something new. Mashed potatoes combined with roasted garlic or white cheddar cheese can be a welcome surprise. Caterers Cleveland also suggest offering roasted green beans with almonds or even a grilled romaine salad as an option. A sweet potato souffle can be a great way to lighten up the potato portion of the meal.

For dessert, don’t forgo the wedding cake. Try offering a carrot cake pr spice cake as your wedding cake, covered fondant and filled with cream cheese or maple nut compote. You can even offer a pie bar or decadent desserts such as pumpkin or chocolate hazelnut mousse. Bowls of sweetened whipped cream and ice cream can make your wedding dessert a success.

Having a Thanksgiving wedding can make memories that can last a lifetime. By taking the traditional Thanksgiving menu and adding a twist, you’ll show your style and tie it into tradition. Planning a Thanksgiving or other holiday event? Call Special Moments Catering today for ideas on how to make your event truly memorable.