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Holiday party planning for the procrastinator

06 Dec, 2017

It’s not too late to plan that holiday gathering at your home for your closest friends. Whether your group ranges from three or four couples to 10 or 15, the key is to keep it simple. This fits in perfectly with today’s trends! Holiday revelers in 2017 are looking for social gatherings that allow for … Continue reading Holiday party planning for the procrastinator

Taking the stress out of Thanksgiving dinner

08 Nov, 2017

Even the most seasoned cook and entertainer can experience stress when preparing a Thanksgiving feast for family and friends. For those who prepare such a dinner only once a year, it can potentially remove all the joy from the holiday. Thanksgiving does not have to produce dread in the hearts of its hosts and hostesses. … Continue reading Taking the stress out of Thanksgiving dinner

Halloween parties that cater to adults

04 Oct, 2017

Most adults would agree that Halloween should not be reserved for the kids. Theme parties are on the rise, and Halloween provides the perfect backdrop for a full range of creativity. From whimsical to formal, you are limited only by your imagination when it comes to the details of your party. Theme parties are at … Continue reading Halloween parties that cater to adults

Making a Memorable Holiday Party

05 Nov, 2015

Before you know it, the holidays will be upon us.  If you love to have people over and want to do something a little different this year, consider these options for an amazing holiday party. Have a themed party. Caterers in Cleveland believe that incorporating a theme is a great way to coordinate all of your … Continue reading Making a Memorable Holiday Party

Engagement Parties Set the Stage for a Beautiful Wedding

26 Oct, 2015

Congratulations! You are engaged! Your engagement can set off a series of amazing celebrations of the new life you and your fiance are embarking on. What better way to start off than by having a lovely engagement party in the months before your wedding? Today’s engagement parties are much different than they were in the … Continue reading Engagement Parties Set the Stage for a Beautiful Wedding

Holiday Parties that Sparkle

17 Oct, 2015

The holiday season will be upon us before you know it! If you are planning a holiday celebration, then there are some things to think about as you begin to think about how to create a memorable Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year’s party. Consider these questions as you plan for your date: What is your … Continue reading Holiday Parties that Sparkle

Is it Your First Thanksgiving?

03 Oct, 2015

If you are a newly married couple, then you may desperately want to treat your family to a marvelous Thanksgiving meal. Knowing that Thanksiving can be a challenging dinner to host, here are some tips to help you ease the burden and enjoy your first Thanksgiving together. Thanksgiving can be challenging with so many courses. … Continue reading Is it Your First Thanksgiving?

Creative Clambakes

19 Nov, 2014

Cleveland caterers often say that clambakes are one of the most entertaining ways to host an outdoor summer or fall party. With plenty of food and a casual atmosphere, your guests will feel right at home. How can you have a creative clambake? Here are just a few ideas: No fuss table settings. Caterers recommend … Continue reading Creative Clambakes

Man-Friendly Wedding Food

18 Oct, 2014

In general, weddings are a bit frillier than most men would like. Lots of flowers and cloth napkins can take men out of their comfort zone. If you want to introduce a masculine character to your wedding celebration, then consider these ways to incorporate man-friendly wedding food from caterers in Cleveland. Artisanal beers. Beer is … Continue reading Man-Friendly Wedding Food

Father’s Day is a No-Fuss Holiday

09 Oct, 2014

One of the best parts of Father’s Day is that Dad’s don’t always want fancy foods. This is one holiday where you can skimp on the preparation and still have a happy family. If this describes the men in your life, then check out these menu ideas from caterers in Cleveland for a no-fuss Father’s … Continue reading Father’s Day is a No-Fuss Holiday

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